Cisco Goes Through Huge Changes to Meet the Needs of New Era

Wendell Odom revealed inspiring facts about brand-new changes brought into the Cisco cert exams. If you don’t know who that is, only the original author behind preparing each cisco cert guide since the company’s inception.

At Cisco Live US 2019 that took place from Jun 9 to 14, authorities announced Huge as in revolutionary changes in certs.  These changes go about every CCNA to CCIE Exam. But mostly the changes in CCNA are most radical.

Odon told that the most amazing change was in the process of re-certification for the exams. In the conventional ways of Cisco, the candidate needed to take an exam to re-certify. Well, that won’t be the case from now on.  All you need to re-certify now are points. Cisco gives out points if you take up a course or join a conference. These points will be regarded as your efforts toward learning and you can re-certify with them. As simple as that, you will be recertified for the next three years.

Another astonishing change that they brought about is the consolidation CCNA exam. They practically just threw all 9 CCNA tracks together and made them into a single CCNA Exam.  Except for CCNA CyberOps that is.

About two-third of the exam is the revision of CCNA Routing and Switching exam. And one-third is the new material. The intention was not to make it a revision of CCNA Routing and Switching exam, but the topics gave it that impression.  But if you consider the amount of troubleshooting mentioned in the CCNA Routing and Switching exam and how it’s practically non-existent now. You should believe the exam has been vastly transformed.

This benefits the people working in a multivendor environment as well. According to Odom “three-quarters of what you learn is generic”.

Odom referred to CCNA as one level of the certification pyramid. And if that is the case he says, “It’s easily the largest change Cisco has ever made.” With 9 CCNA tracks merged into one, the change huge. There is no need for separate tracks for each skill and Cisco says the topic areas would be at the CCNP level. At the same time, they have the potential to hold the bar higher than even CCNP.

Cisco CCNP is now more technology-driven. Before this Cisco has been slow in introducing the latest and greatest technologies. And Odom thinks, they now plan to move faster, especially in the early 2020s.

Cisco added more automation and programmability to the exam. In order to make it look more like the networks of today. In fact, they have introduced a brand-new network credential ‘DevNet cert’. This new track dives deep into automating and programming networks.

The course that the programmability takes will ultimately bring about changes in the vendors and their respective cert exams. Today demands new skills from the networking engineering pros and you can see that demand being fulfilled in New Cisco Certification Exams.

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